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Buddy Bike, LLC manufactures and distributes The Buddy Bike® an alternative tandem bicycle that provides safe family fun and therapeutic activity for cyclists with special needs. Bike for autism, down syndrome, sight impairment and other disabilities.

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Reduced Rate Buddy Bikes

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Check this page for demos, pre-owned and other reduced rate Buddy Bikes.

The Buddy Bikes listed here are demo bikes available at a reduced rate from Buddy Bike, LLC. Total costs are listed below. Shipping, handling and bike assembly are FREE. That's a savings of over $200! These assembled bikes are sold in "as is" condition. The Buddy Bike Limited Warranty does not apply and is not transferable. These bikes must be picked up from their locations. Shipping is not available. Offers good while supplies last.

CHINO, CA CALL 786.489.2453

$2260* - Sport 30 Speed 2017-2018 in Steel Blue/Silver

$1750* - Family Economy 3 Speed 2017-2018 in Custom Blue


CALL 786.489.2453

  Sport model. Call for details.
GeoOrbital 26" electric assist wheel + spare battery $500
MIAMI, FL CALL 786.489.2453

$2716* - Sport Deluxe Lime Green/Black, BB104-AL-NU.17GN includes Pletscher kickstand

$1950* - Family Economy 3 Speed in Custom Blue, BB102-AL-3.17 includes kickstand & adjustable crankset

$1495 - Avenue Trikes, First Avenue recumbent trike (FL sales tax is additional)

$650 - GeoOrbital 700c demo wheel, add electric assist to any bike!

$999 - GlideCycle demo - A running bike that provides weightless training taking the stress of joints and getting you active again! (FL sales tax is additional)

*price includes bike, kickstand, warehouse fees, bike assembly and sales tax

The following listings are offered as a courtesy to customers who have purchased their Buddy Bikes directly from Buddy Bike, LLC. The bikes listed below are being offered by sellers who own Buddy Bikes but are not affiliated with Buddy Bike, LLC. Buddy Bike is not responsible or liable for the condition of the bikes listed here and will not participate in the sale or pricing. These assembled bikes are sold in "as is" condition. The Buddy Bike Limited Warranty does not apply and is not transferable. These bikes must be picked up from their locations. Shipping IS NOT ADVISABLE.

By listing your bike at this web page, you are giving permission to send your phone number and e-mail address to any interested parties. If you sell your Buddy Bike, please advise us right away so we can update the listing.

Contact for the seller's contact info.


Family BB102-AL-7.14E (7 speed) - Vero Beach/Hill

TEXAS Family BB102-AL-8 (8 speed) - W Lake Hills/Austin/Duval
NEW ZEALAND Sport BB104-AL-27.3 (27 speed) - Auckland/Inglis
SOUTH AFRICA Sport BB104-AL-27.2 (27 speed) - Johannesburg/Hoar

Have a Buddy Bike to sell?
When creating a listing, please be clear that you are selling a used/pre-owned Buddy Bike. Assembled bikes should not be shipped. We suggest that you find a local buyer that is able to pick up the bike at its location.

Here are some suggestions to help you sell your Buddy Bike:

  • Add your Buddy Bike to this listing page by submitting your request to We provide these listings as a courtesy to anyone who has purchased a Buddy Bike direct or from one of our dealers only.

  • Visit our Amazon product listing and click the SELL YOURS HERE button.

  • List your bike in Craigslist or eBay.

  • Post your bike at our Facebook page.

  • List your bike at Bicycle Blue Book.
  • Donate your bike to a local special needs organization, the adaptive/inclusive sports division of your local Parks & Recreation Dept or to another family.


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Robert Gardner, Inventor
Barry A. Nelson, President

Jesse Nelson, Inspiration

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