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Buddy Bike, LLC manufactures and distributes The Buddy Bike® an alternative tandem bicycle that provides safe family fun and therapeutic activity for cyclists with special needs. Bike for autism, down syndrome, sight impairment and other disabilities.

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Maureen & Kenny - The Buddy Bike, Changing Our Lives

I have a wonderful son, Kenny who has autism. We got our Buddy Bike on the last day of March...and have ridden it as often as we could in spite of the ever changing Michigan weather...This evening we were having very pleasant temperatures. Around 8 pm Kenny asked if we could take the bike out for a little while. Here is what he said to me tonight while riding our Buddy Bike:

“I like riding our bike on our quiet streets when it is like this.”

“Like what honey?”

“Like when it’s warm out, but if you ride the bike a little bit fast it makes the wind go by and be cool out too - right on your face.”

I thought it was a beautiful thing to say. I knew exactly what he meant. It is what I have always loved about riding a bike.

I love that the Buddy Bike is giving us these opportunities to be together, work together, play together, talk together and …..that part about riding a little bit fast so that the wind goes by and makes it cool out – right on your face….it’s the greatest. The Buddy Bike is doing so much more for us than just getting us around town on a bike.

My son realizes that this bike is special and that WE are doing something special when we are able to ride it together. Something else happened in this past week that is definitely connected to our Buddy Bike.

My son goes to an after school day care program for a couple hours after school gets out until I get off work. He generally has a little bit of homework every day (but generally has to be told to do it and usually doesn’t want to start it unless I am there to help him). I walked into the daycare and there is Kenny sitting at a table by himself with his book bag and homework folder out. I glance down and he already has his whole math worksheet completed and is well on his way toward having his spelling work done.

I took one of the daycare workers aside and asked if he just decided to do the homework on his own or did someone tell him he had to do it or what. The woman said, “ No we didn’t tell him he had to do it right now. He just took it out all on his own and asked if he could have his own table to work at.” So I went up to him and said, “What’s up with you today Kenny? You got your homework going all by yourself? That’s pretty great.” He says, “Well, I’m growing up. I figured like you said. I should get it done before you get here. Then we can have more fun time when we get home at night.”

The MORE FUN TIME he is referring to is having more time for us to get out on our Buddy Bike. This bike is just giving him so many side benefits right now that I am amazed. His self esteem is improving and he wants to help me get chores done around the house so that I feel like we have more time to ride, and DOING his homework on his own without being told and trying to do as much of it as he can do independently without someone helping him...we are forming a consistent pattern of getting some exercise most days of the week, and it is ENJOYABLE exercise for both of us. The bonding, the cooperation and sense of working together heading in the same direction on things both on and off the bike is so beneficial to both of us.

WE are hooked and probably will be for a long time.

Thanks again,
Maureen and Kenny
Monroe, MI



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