October 17, 2018

Shelley Patterson
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60 Bikes to Save Buddy Bike
Makers of the Buddy Bike Alternative Tandem Bicycle Announce a Plan to Continue Manufacturing



Miami, FL, October 17, 2018 - Buddy Bike, LLC, a Florida business and the manufacturers of the Buddy Bike, announced they have set a goal of selling 60 Buddy Bikes by the end of 2018 which would provide the funds to allow them to continue manufacturing their alternative tandem bicycle for riders with special needs.

TThis news follows their announcement earlier this year that they would sell out their inventory and close the business. Due to the supportive comments received by the company in response the the closing, they have set forth this plan to continue helping the families who benefit from the special features of the Buddy Bike.

Shelley L. Patterson, the Director of Marketing and Business Development says that, "Besides placing an order, there are several ways our supporters can help. They can tell others about the Buddy Bike, help fundraise to buy the Buddy Bike for other families in need, and can help connect people with potential funding sources." Several funding resources are listed in the Buddy Bike web site at

If the goal is not reached by the deadline of December 31, 2018 the company will continue with its original plan to sell out the remaining inventory and close the business.

The Buddy Bike allows riders with autism, down syndrome, sight impairment or other disabilities to experience the thrill of riding a bicycle with the whole family. The business was founded in 2005 and since then has sold over 1,100 Buddy Bikes in 48 states and 24 countries bringing the freedom of cycling to special needs individuals, families, schools, camps and organizations worldwide.

Questions may be directed to Shelley Patterson at or 786.489.BIKE (2453).



About Buddy Bike®
Buddy Bike, LLC is the manufacturer of an alternative inline tandem that provides therapeutic and recreational activity for riders with disabilities such as autism, down syndrome and sight impairment that may not allow them to safely ride a bicycle on their own. They work hard to provide a quality product that will encourage more families to bicycle, especially families with special needs children who might otherwise never enjoy the thrill of riding a bicycle. For more information visit or call 786.489.BIKE (2453).