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Buddy Bike News - June 2012
Inventory Update and More News


These last couple months have been very busy at Buddy Bike with contests, attending the AutismOne expo in Chicago and working on product development for our new inventory to arrive in early 2013. Here is an update but first of all...

Please vote for Us in Mission Small Business!
If you love what we do, please VOTE for Buddy Bike in Mission Small Business! We need 250 votes by JUNE 30 for a chance to win a $250,000 grant from Chase and LivingSocial to help our very small business. Plans for those funds may include ordering larger quantities of bikes and purchasing a Buddy Bike van to hold a 2013 summer promotional tour to organize adaptive cycling rides in the northeast and/or midwest. TO VOTE visit > click the LOG IN & SUPPORT button > create an account or log in with Facebook > search "Buddy Bike" in "Florida" and VOTE! Thank you!

New Inventory 2013
We recently sold out Buddy Bike Sport and Buddy Bike Family Limited Edition featuring the NuVinci N360 CVP drivetrain. If you have been working on funding, we have plenty of Buddy Bike Family models featuring Shimano Inter-8 speed hub in stock and ready to ship. We hope to begin accepting pre-orders on 2013 inventory within the next month. Price increases will be in effect on new inventory so watch your inbox for an announcement regarding new pricing and special offers! If you are in Florida or California, check out our demo bikes for sale.

New inventory for 2013 will include 2 Buddy Bike Sport models and a special edition for bike rental shops. Bike model names may change and we are open to suggestions!

New frame color for Buddy Bike Sport featuring NuVinci N360 CVP drivetrain

Do you like this color?
Let me know what you think!

We're very excited about the new Buddy Bike Sport equipped with NuVinci N360 CVP drivetrain which will be available in a blue aluminum frame. This drivetrain was featured on our earlier Buddy Bike Family Limited Edition. It makes shifting as easy as tuning a radio dial. This easy-to-use, no maintenance hub will allow parents to focus on enjoying the ride with their child rather than worrying about missed gears, chains falling off and cadence changes that can be hard on knees. The NuVinci drivetrain is featured on a variety of bikes from commuters to folding bikes. For more information visit

Buddy Bike Sport 30 will be available in our popular high polish silver aluminum frame with an upgrade to the Shimano Deore 30-speed hub. Cycling enthusiasts will love this bike with the latest in cycling technology and its wide range of gears.

Buddy Bike Family 8 features the Shimano Inter 8 speed hub and is currently available but new models for 2013 will include an increased angle on the rear rider's seat tube which will provide more rear rider leg room without increasing the bike size and will provide a more comfortable pedaling position than our early bike models.

Buddy Bike Single Speed will be a scaled down version of the Buddy Bike and will be available exclusively for bike rental shops. We hope to make this product available at more locations where families can try and enjoy Buddy Bikes.

Choose the Right Bike-Side-by-Side Model Comparison will help you choose the right bike model for your family's needs. We will update this page soon.

NAA Announces Helping Hand Financial Aid for Autism Families
Could this be another way to fund a Buddy Bike? Today National Autism Association announced that they are accepting applications through JULY 31 for their Helping Hand program which which provides grant funding for medical treatment, supplements and therapies not covered by insurance. Funding for this program is limited, and will be awarded to only families who are in dire need of financial assistance. Click for grant guidelines, details and the Helping Hand application form.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Covers First Buddy Bike
Over the years, many of our customers have used Medicaid Waivers and other medical funds to purchase the Buddy Bike as therapeutic equipment. I am happy to report that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is covering a Buddy Bike as Durable Medical Equipment! We are not sure yet how much they are covering or how long the process will take; but I hope this is encouraging new for our other families. You won't know if you don't try! 

Fourth Buddy Bike Funded Through Nana's Wish
Nana's Wish, has provided funding assistance through their "A Bike From Austin" program to provide a Buddy Bike to another special needs family. This is the fourth Buddy Bike since 2010 that has been funded through the cooperation of Buddy Bike and Nana's Wish and two lucky families are on deck for future funding. To learn more about Nana's Wish visit Cory, age 11, was the latest recipient of funding assistance. Cory has Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy and is unable to ride a bike on his own; but now he is not only riding a bike but taking part in a much bigger picture. Cory recently participated in a portion of a cross-country ride to raise $12,000 for the Jett Foundation to help find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Mac Sullivan and Drew Gottman are doing the ride as their senior project, and they’re dedicating it to Cory. Read more about the ride and watch Cory's story in video

Contest Winners
Congratulations to Austin Howell who won 3rd place with 1508 votes in The Great Bike Giveaway by The Friendship Circle of Michigan. Although Austin, age 13, is deaf and blind, he is strong and active but can't bike on his own. The donated Buddy Bike will allow him to ride with his family and experience a feeling of freedom unknown to him until now. To read about the other winners visit CONTEST WINNERS.

Special Offer! In a special thank you to all the families who participated in the contest, if you submitted an entry but did not win, you can receive a $100 discount on the purchase of a Buddy Bike Family 8 speed if you place your order by 6/22/12.

Thanks to everyone who entered the "Pick Your Prize Contest" by Disability Today Network. If you didn't win this time, watch for another contest coming up this fall! Congratulations to Missouri's Maryanne McCauley who selected a JOB Beach Wheelchair from Special Needs Group as her prize to enjoy a day at the beach that she has been planning with her cousins. Maryanne has a Spinal Cord Injury at T11 and has been using a wheelchair over five years.

Keep in Touch This Summer!
If your summer plans include your Buddy Bike please share your photos at the Buddy Bike Facebook Page or send them to me at along with a note of permission to use the photos in our web site and/or Facebook page. We use first names only in our references!


Happy Cycling!


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